E28 odometer gears set speedometer repair kit

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E28 odometer gears set speedometer repair kit


E28 odometer gears set consists of 2 large and one small replacement gear for your BMW E28 speedometer. This set allows easy repair of the non functional kilometers or miles counter on your dashboard. The replacement of broken gears can be made at home without any special tools and save you expensive instrument cluster repair bill.

Compatible with :
BMW E28 (after ’82, late years)

Teeth number:
1st gear: 12t;
2nd gear: 48x12t;
3rd gear depends: 48×13 or 48×14 or 48×16 or 48×17 or 48×19 (specify needed 3rd gear) -> for european e28 (km/h) cluster 3rd gear is 48x13t

Depending on US / EU market and transmission select appropriate 3rd gear. With right gear this set can be used for both miles and kilometers speedo gauges.

Parts included: e28 set of gears (3 gears in total)

Material: plastic

POSSIBLE TO mix and match with OEM parts!

Compatible models: : 518, 518i, 520i, 525i, 525e, 528i, 528e, 533i, 535i, M535i, M5

Lead time: 1-2 days

Not sure if part fits your classic BMW? Sent us a question!

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