Borbet A center caps – hexagon hubcaps set

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Borbet A center caps – hexagon hubcaps set


Borbet A center caps are compatible with classic Borbet A wheels in different sizes (15″, 16″, 17″). These wheels are great fit for your classic Beamer build and with hexagon hubcaps you can really make them stand out.

Installation is simple with low profile allen bolt they are securely fixed to the wheels.

Diameter = 160mm, always check if diameter fits before purchase

Parts included: -center caps 4 pcs with allen bolt (for 4 wheels)

Original part no. –

Material: plastic

Color: silver / grey; Color matching required

POSSIBLE TO mix and match with OEM center cap parts!

BMW / BBS emblems sold separately: or any other standard 70 mm emblem

Lead time: 1 week

Not sure if part fits your classic BMW? Sent us a question!

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