We are enthusiastic team of engineers connected with love towards car restorations. Located in beautiful central Croatia, we cooperate with local and global parts manufactures in order to create catalog composed of high quality parts for German car restoration community.

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All of our parts are designed using CAD software in order to provide traceability and top quality production processes. We use industry leading Autodesk software for the whole process, from brainstorming of the ideas up to the rendering of the final parts.



When rebuilding NLA parts, we pay special attention to each detail in order to produce the parts that are always exceeding OEM specifications. In order to provide parts exact original functionality we have developed robust reverse engineering process with rigorous testing and quality control in order to create truly beautiful products for you.



Mod-ing team utilizes newest technologies such as CT and optical scanning in order to capture target geometry. We pay special attention during optimization for manufacturing in CAD/CAM environment to get best possible results with industry standard manufacturing technologies (3D print, CNC machining, metal forming, resin and injection molding…).



We collaborate with local small businesses in order to create highly specialized assembly parts such as springs. We are proud that we can include quality parts from our local businesses in our products spreading the word about Croatian quality of manufacturing.

We are truly amazed with the feedback we receive from our customers. Every day we are working hard to rise the standard even higher and create products with unique value for classic BMW car enthusiasts from all around the world.


 Mod-ing has started as hobby of designing and manufacturing parts for old BMW 3 series (E30) while Maldini (founder) was studying for mechanical engineering degree.

“At first I was designing parts for my old BMW E30 which I couldn’t find otherwise. Soon people in the local community noticed my custom parts and started asking if I take orders. Soon the word spread and I was working almost full time as custom part designer and manufacturer. That was the beginning of the Maldini (my nickname) Mechanics which later grown into Mod-ing team.”